2nd Main Planning Conference and TTX

Two Sub-regional Main Planning Conferences and Table Top Exercises were successfully organized on June 10-12, 2013 in Minsk, Belarus and on October 1-2, 2013 in Chisinau, Moldova. 44 experts from PPRD East Partner Countries tested the coordination procedures when requesting international assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in order to ensure that the response to the emergencies  is effective.

In both cases the exercise programme started with a Main Planning Conference in order to give disaster managers from Partner Countries an opportunity to present their national civil protection systems, to learn from the experience of organisation of exercises in the framework of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (the Mechanism), to discuss and agree upon common concept and main elements of the table-top to be held during the implementation phase of the PPRD East programme.

Table Top Exercise was a joint exercise to test readiness of managers and governments of Partner Countries to act in response to cross-border emergency. Also the methods of interaction and exchange of information with the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) of the European Commission during the large-scale disasters were practiced. The civil protection experts got an opportunity to be presented with and to test the standard operating procedures for providing and receiving international assistance through the Mechanism.

During the TTX-1 the exchange of experience in the elimination of cross-border collaboration of emergency situations, as well as border-crossing and customs control procedures were practiced and worked out with help of two scenarios: consequences management of an industrial accident which occurs in an industrial facility which held large quantities of ammonia, in Republic of Belarus; the consequence management of a large forest fires/ wild fire incident which occurs in several protected areas in Ukraine.

TTX-2 was focused on the mitigation of cross-border effects of emergency situations, as well as host nation support specific actions. ERCC format messages were used in the process of requesting / offering international assistance in consequences management of a severe flooding situation affecting Republic of Moldova and a severe earthquake affecting main cities from Republic of Armenia.

Bringing Partner Countries progressively closer to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism is a cross-cutting purpose of the Programme, on which most of the activities are focused. Therefore the main exercise’s aim was to test and find solutions on the way on how responsible authorities from different Partners countries: work together, communicate, exchange information’s, cooperate in management of the consequences, apply common plan and procedures, use resources, etc. The exercise tested the government agency’s ability to respond to a request of assistance and to work together, better to deal with extensive disasters, as well as to improve coordination of assistance channelled through EU Civil Protection Mechanism.


Evaluation report