2nd Operational training

Civil Protection Operational Management Training is the five-day course for up to 20 participants to prepare civil protection experts to cooperate with On-Site Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC) both as recipients of international assistance and as national experts within intervention teams internationally deployed. Additionally, it prepared experts for the role of National Liaison Officers in relation to the European Civil Protection Mechanism.


To facilitate field coordination the Training enhanced the interoperability between the actors in the field by improving compatibility and complementarities between them at the operational level. 6 out of 9 participants per Partner Country, who have successfully completed the Basic Training, were invited to participate at these trainings.


The CP OM trainings covered the following topics: Team Building; EU CP Mechanism; Mechanism Partners/International Actors; Host Nation Support - Systems and Issues, Structures and Tasks, Roles and Functions, National Liaison Officer, Case Study, and HNS Exercise; International Missions; Ethics and Code of Conduct; Coordination, Coordination Structures and Team Coordination in the Field; and International Deployment Exercise.


All courses were managed by Mr. Marius Dogeanu, Civil Protection Key Expert and Mr. Vlad Petre, Civil Protection Non-Key Expert, with lecturers/trainers being Member States’ civil protection experts. The EC representative, Mr. Roberto Schiliro from DG ECHO, participated at the first Operational Management Training and briefly informed the participants about the latest developments resulting from the last recast of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism Directive.