The Third Sub-regional Main Planning Conference and the Table Top Exercise

The Third Sub-regional Main Planning Conference and the Table Top Exercise were conducted on February 23-26, 2014 in Georgia for Azerbaijan and Georgia as affected countries. Other four Partner Countries (Armenia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine) were involved in this exercise as the offerers and providers of an international assistance to affected countries. The exercise was focused on oil spill combined with natural hazards. The exercise was organized back to back with the main planning conference and 22 experts from Partner Countries tested the coordination procedures between international actors, government officials and emergency workers in order to ensure effective and efficient response to the emergencies.


The objective of this Sub-regional Table Top Exercise was to improve the skills of participants from different Partners Countries to work together, communicate, exchange information, cooperate in management of the consequences of disasters, apply common plan and procedures and use resources. The exercise tested the Government agencies’ ability to respond to request of assistance and to work together, better deal with extensive disasters as well as to improve coordination of assistance channeled through Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC), in a case of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism activation. The activation of the Union Mechanism was simulated so the ERCC format messages were used in the process of requesting and/or offering international assistance.