Regional Workshop on Risk Assessment Policy

The implementation of an appropriate and effective Regional Risk Assessment Policy is critical to the success of the PPRD East program, specifically the development of the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas (ERRA). The policy development will not only consider EU best practice, but will also be tailored accordingly to the realities and constraints within the Partner Countries. Therefore the main goals of the first regional risk assessment policy workshop were to discuss the development of a regional policy and highlight any significant issues/ challenges in relation to its implementation. The main objectives of the workshop were to:


  • To introduce the PPRD East activities in the risk assessment field;
  • Introduce risk management and the role of risk assessments;
  • Better understand the current approaches of the Partner Countries in relation to conducting risk assessments;
  • Introduce considered best practise from the EU in relation to hazard and vulnerability assessments with links to appropriate prevention and mitigation decision making;
  • Introduction of the regional policy and its blueprint along with the identification of significant issues that could hinder its implementation.
  • To prepare an action plan for the way ahead.


  The workshop was held at the conference room in hotel Sheraton Metechi Palace Tbilisi, Georgia.


The workshop was attended by 26 delegates from across all six Partner Countries including representative from their respective Ministry of Emergency Situations or Ministry of Internal Affairs. Herman Bergsma from the UNDP who is technical advisor to programs in Georgia also attended.


  The workshop was facilitated by: 

  • Adrian Dolecki, Non Key Expert
  • Dr James kimmance, Risk Analysis, Non Key Expert
  • Jack Powell, DRR and Seismic Risk Specialist, Non Key Expert
  • Radovan Hilbert, GIS Expert, PPRD East Programme
  • John Vijgen, Civil Protection Expert, PPRD East Programme



Final Report

Presentations in English

Presentations in Russian