The Second Meeting of the National Advisory Group for PPRD East Program held in Ukraine

On June 20 the second meeting of the National Advisory Group for PPRD East Program held in Kyiv. The event was attended by Anatoliy Boyko – Deputy Chairman of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Jean-Francois MoretSector Manager on Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection, European Union Delegation to Ukraine, Oleg Pinsky – National Coordinator in Ukraine for PPRD East Program, representatives of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine, Derzhgirpromnaglyad, the National Institute for Strategic Studies, Institute of Geography of NAS of Ukraine and others.
The meeting outlined the main achievements of the PPRD East Program, presented a methodology for risk mapping, which is used in the PPRD, and electronic regional risk atlas (ERRA) for Ukraine, as well as all the participants were offered a presentation for raising awareness in the area of civil protection, in case of emergencies and appropriate measures for Ukraine.


In particular Anatoliy Boyko noted that the latter period was marked by increased activity of the Programme, saturation educational and training activities and of course, the most significant for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine event – participation in 4th European Civil Protection Forum.


Particular attention was paid to the presentation of the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas (ERRA), one of the main areas of the PPRD East Program. ERRA will be functioning not only as a portal, where users can find maps of risks - it can also provide the ability to perform analysis and reporting. Atlas is developed in a form of special geoportal, where users can search, browse, and use data from multiple sources using standard Internet technologies. Atlas in its final form will allow users - experts on emergency management, operators of Crisis Management Centers, specialists in risk assessment, researchers, etc. – to evaluate geodata, create thematic maps, perform research on risk assessment and to assess the potential impacts of disasters, monitor the real time progression of events in the areas of disaster, and determine the best ways of using resources and funds.