Development of ERRA


The Electronic Regional Risk Atlas (ERRA)  is a multilevel geoportal allowing either to browse national and regional static risk maps or to perform dynamic risk analysis and reporting. ERRA users - experts on emergency management, operators of Crisis Management Centers, specialists in risk assessment, researchers, etc. – can search and browse data from multiple sources using standard Internet technologies. They can aggregate geodata, create thematic maps, perform research on risk assessment and assess the potential impacts of disasters, monitor the real time progression of events in the areas of disaster, and determine the best ways of planning disaster risk reduction investments.


The Review of Existing Management Information/GIS System was completed in early 2012 with the results compiled into the Technical Working Paper 6 “Review of Existing Information Systems”. Similarly, the needs analysis for the ERRA was successfully completed, and the Technical Working Paper 7 “Needs Analysis for the Electronic Risk Atlas” has been finalised accordingly. An initial collection and analysis of existing maps and data was successfully completed with the draft Technical Working Paper 8 “Review of Existing Maps and Related Data” produced in early April 2012. In parallel with this Task, a preliminary review of existing technological possibilities was successfully completed in February 2012 with the production of the document “Review of Existing Technological Possibilities”.


The conceptual design for the ERRA system is finished in the first quarter of 2013.


The draft of ERRA conceptual model was developed and discussed with Partner Countries. The Regional Risk Assessment Policy was finalised and presented to the participants during Sub-regional Workshops held in Ukraine on November 2012.


The conceptual design of ERRA, which completely and accurately reflect the requirements of the Partner Countries and other key national stakeholders, was presented and thoroughly discussed during the National Advisory Groups meetings in all 6 Partner Countries held in the first half of 2013 as well as during the ERRA Regional Workshop that took place on May 2013 in Moldova.


The test version of ERRA skeleton was under testing by potential administrators from all six Partner Countries. Thus, the Stakeholder Consultations has been successfully completed.


The development of ERRA sub-modules - the Flood Analytical module, Off-line client module and Monitoring - module has started, as well as Database Creation for ERRA is also completed. Task comprises all activities related to the development of hazard maps, critical asset/critical infrastructure maps, vulnerability maps and risk maps. It also included the basic data gathering. 


The Detailed Design, Programming and testing of the ERRA as well as the risk mapping is finalized in all 6 Partner Countries. The ERRA is developed as sustainable complex system. The production of hazard, vulnerability and risk maps concluded in May 2014. 


The Civil Protection Operational Manual was developed in electronic format and linked to ERRA.