Risk Mapping Meeting in Minsk

During the event, the hazard mapping have been done by experts from Emergency Services of Partner Countries together with PPRD East experts, and EU lecturer on the level necessary for Regional level of ERRA. The critical asset was done for selected regions also for local level of ERRA. The lists of achieved objectives are:


  • Introduction to the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas (ERRA) and the Hazard Mapping element. Including how the hazard / risk maps will be presented on the ERRA
  • Undertaking the regional hazard assessment

 Forest fires hazard mapping

 Flood hazard modelling

 Technological hazard mapping

  • Finalising the PPRD  hazard maps  for Regional ERRA
  • Finalising the vulnerability mapping for Regional ERRA
  • Undertaking the critical infrastructure mapping/classification in selected region
  • Finalisig the PPRD vulnerability map for Regional ERRA
  • Discussion of the possibilities how to use the ERRA at local level


During the mapping we created the outcomes:


  • hazard maps for wild fires, floods, industrial hazard to be incorporated into the Regional ERRA
  • vulnerability map to be incorporated into the Regional ERRA
  • critical asset maps of selected regions