Electronic Regional Risk Atlas (ERRA) workshop was held in Moldova

May 21st – 24th the ERRA workshop took place in Chisinau, Moldova. The main purpose of this event was to present, share and disseminate in details the actual progress status of the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas to specialists from organizations implementing ERRA in each Partner Country. The workshop also marked a starting point for beginning of the implementation. 

 ERRA is to be one of the basic results for PPRD East Programme and will be implemented in each Partner Country at National level. An effective ERRA is built in close cooperation with national stakeholders, and is expected to become a part of the Partner Countries prevention, preparedness and response framework for disaster management. In each country National setup are defined and agreed, which describes where the ERRA to be installed and who performs specific roles in its operation.

This workshop facilitated the implementation of the ERRA (Thematic Geoportal) approach based on current EU best practice while also introduced the tangible advantages of the ERRA.

During the workshop, all participants took active part in defining the basic configuration of legend at National and sub-regional level. The participants also were informed about technical requirements for ERRA installation and operation.

The next steps and strategy of ERRA implementation at national and sub-regional level have been developed and endorsed by participants. 

Main topics of the workshop:

  • Presentation of ERRA concept
  • Presentation of ERRA skeleton
  • Basic data information / basic legend setup / national, regional level
  • Technical requirements for ERRA installation
  • Presentation of existing geoportal of partner country (Moldova)
  • Presentation of prepared modules of ERRA
  • Integration the ERRA with existing system
  • EU standards and system used in Civil Protection
  • Defining the next steps in implementing the ERRA in partner countries.


For more information, please contact Radovan Hilbert, Project PPRD East GIS expert: rhilbert@eptisa.com.