Regional Workshop ‘Modeling of Natural Hazards’

On 18th of February 2014 the representatives of all six PPRD East Partner countries gathered together in Minsk, Belarus, to spend three days learning essential subjects related to GIS and modeling of natural hazards, as well as presenting and discussing their respective countries’ experiences.


The workshop mainly focused on the following topics: the EU Flood directive, its implementation and EU water management; monitoring and early warning systems for mitigation of natural hazards’ impacts;  trans boundary cooperation in flood management; modeling of forest fires, earthquakes, floods and landslides; open source GIS used for risk modelling and digital elevation models. At the workshop the participants made presentations on modeling of natural phenomena available and used in their countries. Apart from that, there were numerous engaging and active discussions, some exercises meant to increase the level of cooperation and mutual ‘dialogue’ among Partner Countries in their fight against disasters.


The PPRD East Programme team in its willingness to make every workshop successful, productive and useful for the participants is trying its best to invite highly respected and professional experts to present and facilitate the Programme’s events. This workshop was not an exception and it welcomed Andrea Majlingova from Technical University Zvolen, Roberto Rudari from CIMA, Peter Čadek from Slovak Water management enterprise, and Michal Hazlinger, who is an EFAS expert, in the capacity of lecturers.

Ultimately, the Regional Workshop on Modeling of Natural Hazards became another ‘brick’ in the platform of understanding and cooperation among ENPI countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. All participants highly evaluated the workshop and emphasized on the importance of such meetings, as often times particularly personal professional acquaintances help to progress and ‘make things work’. At the very least, they increase the willingness to cooperate and summon up all strength for or against something - in our case – against disasters. 


List of Participants