Exchange of Experts

The PPRD East Programme invites the Partner Countries to consider the possibility of using the Exchange of Experts Programme in view to enhance the national capacities in the field of disaster preventionpreparedness and response.

The PPRD East Partner Countries highlighted a strong interest in the institutional, regulatory and organizational frameworks for civil protection of the EU Member States and the best practices of the Partner Countries themselves. The PPRD East Exchange of Experts programme is there to support the Partner Countries in solving their prioritized national issues and ensuring their stronger resilience against disasters.

Following a request for exchange of experts received from a National Programme Coordinator of a PPRD East Partner Country, the Programme is ready to organize targeted assistance missions or exchanges of experts aimed at enhancing the quality of civil protection services in the Country.

The Guidelines in English and Russian, including the detailed terms and conditions for requesting and implementing the exchange of experts, are available for download on this page. The PPRD East team asks all interested specialists to use the standard Request form (available for download in English and Russian).

Forms to download:

Ex of Ex evaluation form mission ENG

Ex of Ex guidelines ENG.pdf

Ex of_Ex_guidelines_RU.pdf


Ex of Ex request form ENG