About PPRD East

Programme on Prevention, Preparedness and Response to man-made and natural Disasters in the ENPI East Region (PPRD East) is an Eastern Partnership Flagship Initiative. 


Budget: 6 million EUR

Programme life span: 2010–2014




Overall objective: 

To contribute to the peace, stability, security and prosperity of the Eastern Partner Countries and to protect the environment, the population, the cultural heritage, the resources and the infrastructures of the region by strengthening the Partner Countries’ resilience, prevention, preparedness and response to man-made and disasters caused by natural hazards.



  • To contribute to the development of the Partner Countries' civil protection capacities for disaster prevention, preparedness and response through regional cooperation.
  • To bring the Partner Countries progressively closer to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and improve their bilateral and regional cooperation.


Key partners:

Civil Protection/Disaster Management authorities of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine


Other stakeholders:

State institutions involved in civil protection and disaster management, national and international NGOs, mass media, academic community, wide public.


MAIN RESULTS expected to be accomplished:


  • Better knowledge of risk exposure and available resources
  • Electronic Regional Risk Atlas installed and running in all 6 Partner Countries and at the regional level
  • Civil Protection Operational Manual/Guidebook and Regional Guidelines on Cross-Border Movement of Assistance developed
  • Increased theoretical and practical knowledge on Civil Protection Mechanism, Flood Directive, SEVESO Directives
  •  Practical skills enhanced through Table Top Exercises
  •  Recommendations on how to enhance legislative and institutional civil protection frameworks developed and accepted
  • Partner Countries included in the “Improving the Safety of Tailing Management Facilities” Project
  • Increased DRR knowledge and awareness of journalists, CP/DM stakeholders and general public 


The Phase 2 of the PPRD East Programme took into consideration the progress Partner Countries made during the implementation of the Phase 1 of the Flagship Initiative and identified further needs. The scope and the scale of the technical assistance and the design of the Phase 2 has been identified during the first half of 2014 and the Phase 2 of the PPRD East Programme has commenced on December 1, 2014.