Institutional and Regulatory Framework Strengthening

The initial review of the institutional and regulatory baseline was successfully completed with the results detailed in Technical Working Paper 2 “Preliminary Analysis of the Legislative and Institutional Frameworks within the Eastern ENPI Region”.


The detailed analyses of the institutional and legal civil protection/disaster management frameworks have been carried-out. Draft reports were developed and shared with the Partner Countries in June 2013, and the recommendations were discussed in details and adopted by the expert representatives of all 6 Partner Countries at the Regional Workshop organized on July 2013 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Studies on the legal and regulatory framework for civil protection and disaster risk management highlighted that all Partner Countries could have benefited although with different degree, from initiatives of approximation to the Acquis Communautaire and of establishment or improvement of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, linked with the UNISDR Hyogo Framework of Action. Recommendations suggested that relevant actions should have taken into strong account the specific characteristics of each country.


The Technical Report 4 “Strengthening the Eastern Region's Institutional and Legislative Frameworks”, containing analysis and recommendations how to improve legal and institutional civil protection and disaster management frameworks in all 6 Partner Countries, has been developed and shared with the Partner Countries and EU Delegations in the Partner Countries.