Information exchange development

Within the developing cooperation at the regional and national level through the exchange of information, the establishing of the PPRD East Journalist Network is completed.


As part of the utilization of the PPRD East Journalist Network, TV reports and news about PPRD East Programme activities and events were broadcasted and published in the national and local media in all six Partner Countries. Representatives of the key media of the Partner Countries twice joined PPRD East study tours and covered these events on National TV Channels.


Members of the Journalist Network from six Partner Countries as well as representatives of press services of PPRD East Programme key beneficiaries took part in the Regional Workshop for journalists covering emergency situations organised in Ukraine on November 2013, where the PPRD East Guide for Journalists covering emergency situations has been finalized and endorsed.


To share experience of engaging non-governmental organizations in providing information to various vulnerable groups before, during and after disasters it was organized the Workshop for NGOs covering emergency situations in Azerbaijan on November 2013 with the participation of the representatives of the Ministry of Emergency, EU Delegation, NGOs and international organisations. 


To keep all stakeholders informed about the progress of the PPRD East Programme and achieved results, the Programme bilingual web site and the Programme Facebook page have been kept regularly updated. The 6 issues of PPRD East bilingual Newsletter has been published and disseminated. In addition, PPRD East Programme publications and Fact sheets were disseminated throughout the reporting period.