National Public Awareness Raising Campaigns

The PPRD East Public Awareness Raising Campaigns in the Partner Countries was implemented during November 2013 – May 2014 to increase awareness of wide public on Civil Protection and Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction issues with strong emphasis on improving the culture of individual behaviour and participation in prevention, preparedness and response to disasters.


The PPRD East Informational Package was developed and disseminated in cooperation with National CP/DM authorities. These include adaptation, translation and publication Family Guide for Emergency Preparedness and Response, development of the interactive Fire Safety poster in National languages and development of Social Advertising Fire Safety video in National languages.


Start-up events of the Company was planned for each country individually and took place in order to draw attention of national and local media to the ways of minimization of the natural disasters risks by the cooperation between citizens and rescue services before, during and after disasters (Ukraine – November 2013, Armenia – December 2013, Belarus – February 2014, Georgia – February 2014, Moldova – March 2014, Azerbaijan – April 2014).


The results were compiled into the Technical Report 5 “Results from Public Awareness Raising Campaigns”.