PPRD East Consortium

Ours is an extremely strong and experienced Consortium: EPTISA,  PARSONS BRICKERHOFF (UK), ICET (NL),ITC (NL), PJSC GIRHIMPROM (UA) and REC Caucasus (GE) are some of the strongest consultancies working in the field of prevention, mitigation, preparedness and response of natural and man-made disasters. All of these organizations have extensive experience in institutional strengthening on prevention and preparedness mechanisms at the local, national and regional level of the Civil Protection Authorities on five continents, particularly in the ENPI East region.

In addition, the Consortium members have an outstanding reputation for developing and implementing GIS applications (such as Risk Atlases) and risk mapping systems applicable to the prevention, mitigation, and preparedness of natural disasters on technical assistance projects in a wide variety of developing countries throughout the world, particularly those of Central and Eastern Europe, The Caucasus and other countries of the Former Soviet Union (FSU). Moreover, the Consortium has broad experience in implementing projects involving risk assessment, early warning systems and mitigation measures of natural and man-made disasters across the world and especially in the ENPI East region.

The Consultant has a proven track record in the management and delivery of complex international projects, particularly in the environmental sector, at the local, national and regional levels.