PPRD East Programme – Final Conference and 3rd Steering Committee Meeting


More than 60 participants attended the PPRD East Programme Final Conference held on June 13, 2014 in Brussels. They included Ministers responsible for Civil Protection and Directors General of the National Disaster Management Authorities of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, representatives of the European Commission and the Civil Protections of the EU Member States, representatives of international organizations, scientific bodies and private sector entities working with disaster risk management.


During the event, participants reviewed the results achieved by the 4-year PPRD East Programme and assessed progress made in establishing stronger cooperation mechanisms in the civil protection sector in the EU Eastern Neighborhood, also in the light of the growing global concern with the increase in man-made and disasters caused by natural hazards, the rise of vulnerability and the escalating number of dead and damage costs caused by disasters.


The PPRD East Programme was unanimously considered as having successfully contributed, on one hand to develop technical disaster risk management capacities in the Eastern Partnership countries and, on another hand, to establish a solid and dynamic platform for cooperation and collaboration among Partner Countries and between them and the EU, including through bringing them closer to the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.


It was also recognized that the PPRD East Programme established effective working tools as well as awareness raising and capacity building initiatives which allowed Partner Countries and EU disasters managers learning from each other and making the first steps towards a shared risk based approach and a sustainable partnerships founded on familiarity, solidarity and trust.


In the afternoon session, the 3rd PPRD East Programme Steering Committee Meeting was held, reviewing in details the Programme achievements and pointing-out the remarkable progress achieved in:

  • establishing national procedures for requesting assistance by the EU Emergency Response  Coordination Centre,
  • incorporating EU disaster risk management practices, such as the provisions of the EU SEVESO Directives on industrial accidents, in the national legislation of Partner Countries,
  • training disaster responders on international coordination arrangements,
  • triggering advances in the inter-institutional cooperation and coordination arrangements for disaster response in Partner Countries,
  • increasing knowledge and awareness of disaster risk exposure in Partner Countries through the development of the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas (ERRA),
  • developing national capacities for assessing disaster risk, and planning and implementing awareness raising activities for exposed population.


The participants at the 3rd Steering Committee meeting underlined the need to further enhance the cooperation in the Eastern Partnership region both between the Partner Countries, and with the EU and its Member States. The European Commission closed the event introducing the follow-up Programme phase, calling for an even higher level of participation by Partner Countries and announcing the gradual extension to the Eastern Partnership Countries of the facilities of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism which is based on international pooling of resources and effective mechanisms for detecting potential emergencies, triggering early warnings and rapid mobilisation of resources.


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List of Participants

Final Conference Report

3rd Steering Committee Report

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Marcus Cornaro, Deputy Director General, DG DEVCO

Florika Fink-Hooijer, Director, DG ECHO

Sergey Azaryan, Head of the Armenian Rescue Service, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia

Vladimir Vashchenko, Minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus

Zviad Katsashvili, Director of the Emergency Management Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Sergiu Diaconu, Deputy Minister, Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova

Anatoliy Boyko, First Deputy Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine


List of Presentations

1) PPRD East Programme: Brief Overview of Results - Sergej Anagnosti

2) Romanian experience and lessons learnt implementing SEVESO Directive - Francisc Senzaconi

3) Disaster Risk Assessment: an ENPI East Asset – Roberto Rudari

4) PPRD East Programme Activity Area A: Electronic Regional Risk Atlas – Radovan Hilbert, Adrian Dolecki

5) PPRD East Programme Activity Area B: Civil Protection/Disaster Management Capacity Building – Marius Dogeanu

6) PPRD East Programme Activity Area B: Disaster Risk Reduction –Sergej Anagnosti

7) PPRD East Programme Activity Area B: Activities implemented for SEVESO II-III – John Vijgen

8) PPRD East Programme Activity Area C: Institutional and Legal Framework Analyse - Sergej Anagnosti

9) PPRD East Programme Activity Area C: Man-Made & Industrial Disasters - Environmental  Issues – John Vijgen

10) PPRD East Programme Activity Area D: Raising Awareness on Civil Protection, Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction Issues – Vladimir Kuznietsov

11) PPRD East Programme Activity Area E: Project Management – Sergej Anagnosti


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