The Start-up event of the PPRD East Information Campaign in Armenia

Start-up event of the PPRD East Information Campaign in Armenia took place in Yerevan on the 3th-4th of February, 2014 in order to increase awareness of wide public on Civil Protection,  Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction issues with strong emphasis on improving the culture of individual behaviour and participation in prevention, preparedness and response to disasters, to draw attention of national and local media to the ways of minimization of the natural and man-made disasters risks by the cooperation between citizens and rescue services before, during and after disasters.


Start-up of PPRD East Public Awareness Raising Campaign in Armenia was held in the framework of the 2-days International Conference “Public Awareness as a Cornerstone for Disaster Risk Reduction” aimed to increase the awareness among population on earthquake risk, ways of preparation and protection, to revive the memory about the Spitak earthquake in order to tell the lessons learnt and the mistakes, which led to the tragedy of 1988.


The conference was participated by altogether up to 200 people including state officials, international organizations, (UN various agencies, NATO, European Union (EU), OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent(IFRC), International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), OXFAM, Armenian Red Cross society, World Health Organization(WHO), etc., experts from various countries (USA, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Great Britain, Iran), information responsibles, well-known journalists with experience working in disaster zones, representatives from the world biggest information agencies (BBC, Reuters).


Mr. Traian Hristea, the Head of EU Delegation to Armenia, mentioned the beginning of PPRD East Information Campaign in Armenia as a part of Eastern Partnership Flagship Initiative in his welcoming speech.


Mr. Volodymyr Kuznietsov, PPRD East key communication expert, announced the beginning of the PPRD East public awareness rising information campaign, its goals and instruments and made the presentation «Public awareness new creative solutions and tools, new information technologies». During the presentation PPRD East informational materials package was presented including Family Guide for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Fire Safety Poster and videoreels. He told in details about areas of implementation of the PPRD East Communication strategy and made the strong emphasis on the active participation of the representatives of national media and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA in its realization. The main goals and achievements of PPRD East Programme was also represented in the presentation.


PPRD East exhibition stand for two days informed participants about Programme, its goals, activities and achievements and presented and got feedback on the PPRD East Informational package. The greatest interest and general approval caused innovative interactive Fire safety poster for schoolchildren.



Main outcomes of the Start-up event of the PPRD East Information Campaign in Armenia :

- PPRD East Information campaign to increase awareness of citizens on Civil Protection and Disaster Management issues started on the national level

- PPRD East Informational package is presented and discussed with participants of the Conference

- The Family Guide for Emergency Preparedness and Response and Fire Safety Poster for schoolchildren were disseminate among participants and were handed to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA for further delivery to the target groups



Sergej Anagnosti, PPRD East Programme Team Leader:
-It's great honour for us to participate in this conference, though the occasion is the tragedy, that took place 25 years ago, and due to it the Armenian people gained experience in a very hard way. From the point of view of our program, I can say that it was entirely consistent with the goals of our program and completed all that ES Ministry and the “Emergency Channel” Information Centre do. Once again thank you for the invitation, we heard a lot of interesting reports, met interesting people, and I am sure, that our cooperation with MES will be continuous and more effective.

Marieta Koleva, Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO):

- I am glad to have been invited to participate in this conference, because in my opinion this is a very impressive event. For me, the main result is to unite the representatives of international organizations and experts in one place and get acquainted with each other's experience and achievements. This is exactly what the European Commission is trying to do, to unite countries and promote cooperation.


Volodymyr Kuznietsov, PPRD East Programme Communication expert:

-I attach great importance to this event and think it's a significant event for all participating countries. I think, that the conference served its purpose, raised a number of issues associated with public awareness, exchange of experience were done and necessary connections between different countries were established, which enabled the best and most effective ways to carry out public awareness. I think tremendous work has been done to organize the conference and confidently I consider it a success. I also highly appreciate the “Emergency Channel” Information Centre noble activities.


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