Regional Communication Strategy Development

A review of the existing awareness raising activities was successfully completed during the Inception Phase. The implementation of an awareness raising survey, comprising the development of the mass media data catalogue and complemented by a Regional workshop on development of common approach to the prevention-aimed communication strategy held in Georgia on November  2011, was completed as planned at the end of the first reporting period.


The development of a prevention oriented awareness raising strategy was completed in the frame of a Regional Workshop in Ukraine on March 2012, serving as a key forum for facilitating the development of the Programme’s Regional Communication Strategy and corresponding Action Plan.


From December 10-14, 2012 the representatives of the PPRD East Programme Partner Countries (disaster prevention and public relations specialists of civil protection/disaster management authorities, leading journalists from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, and representative of the REC Caucasus) took part in the Study tour on best practices of prevention work at different levels: national, regional and local, in Spain.


The Technical Report 1 “Regional Communication Strategy” was approved at the 2nd PPRD East Steering Committee meeting on February 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.