Regional Table Top Exercise

Regional TTX was held on April 28-29, 2014 in Georgia. It was a joint exercise for all 6 PPRD East Programme Partner Countries with an aim to test readiness of managers and Governments of Partner Countries to act in response to cross-border emergency. Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) format messages were used in the process of requesting /offering international assistance. The TTX focused on exchange of experience among the Partner Countries in elimination of cross-border emergency situations as well as on practising border crossing and customs control procedures with the following scope:

-           enhance cross-border civil protection cooperation in PPRD East Programme Partner Countries for direct response to man-made and disasters caused by natural hazards;

-           increase the PPRD East Programme Partner Countries' preparedness and readiness for receiving assistance through the EU CP Mechanism;

-           improve general knowledge about best practices and lessons identified about civil protection operations and emergency management within the EU CP Mechanism;

-           exercise a situation regarding a European CP TEAM deployed to a participating country affected by disaster;

-           deal with media - to test the handling and coordination of media messages, elaborate a communication plan.


To achieve the goals of this Exercise the complex scenario was developed, which allowed trainers to simulate a situation with all six PPRD East Programme Partner Countries affected by a disaster. The scenario contained events related to a health emergency triggered by influenza (avian flu) combined with the consequences of a major earthquake affecting the PPRD East Programme Partner Countries from the South Caucasus subregion.