Regional Workshop on Seismic Hazard Assessment

The regional workshop on seismology and earthquake risk held in Tbilisi, Georgia between 4th and 5th March 2014 was designed and delivered to facilitate the Electronic Regional Risk (ERRA) Atlas development in consideration of earthquakes. The ERRA is one of the major goals of EU Programme for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made disasters in the ENPI East Region.   


The workshop was attended by experts from the partner countries that are exposed to earthquakes:


 Armenia, Dr. Prof. Sergey Nazaretyan – National Survey for Seismic Protection MES RA


 Georgia, Assistant Prof. Nato Jorjiashvili – Ilia State University, Institute of Earth Science


Moldova, Dr. Prof. Ion Ilies – Institute of Geology and Seismology of Moldova


Ukraine, Dr. Prof. Olexandr Kendera – Institute of Geophysics of National Academy of Ukraine


 The major outcomes of the workshop were to (1) bring the seismology experts together from each of the partner countries, (2) finalise the regional seismic hazard ERRA maps and to (3) outline the next steps and potential proposal for further collaboration between the experts and the EC.


The 2 days workshop covered presentations from the various experts into their current approach to mapping seismic hazards, the applicability of the ERRA and its further development, and the use of fragility functions to assess both social and economic losses from earthquakes.  The experts also raised a number of key issues that need consideration in the future, these included: in-depth study of the regional seismic hazard and how this will impact key assets, development of a common approach to assess the seismic risk of cities and towns, new rescue plans to provide cross boarder assistance immediately following an earthquake, and the upgrade of facilities to improve assessment of structures following seismic event.