Second basic training which introduces participants to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism held in United Kingdom

In 2013 52 experts from PPRD East Partner Countries followed the 3 Basic Civil Protection Trainings (equivalent of Community Mechanism Introduction Course under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism Training Programme). All the arrangements and the set up were made to ensure the compatibility with similar training provided for EU Member States.

This training programme is crucial in preparing experts for international civil protection assistance interventions inside, as well as outside the European Union. It also provides an excellent platform for experience-sharing and networking between national experts from participating countries. The programme involves training courses, joint simulation exercises and an exchange programme, where experts can learn first-hand about similar responsibilities under different national systems.


In the frame of the five-day training programme participants with help of experts and trainers from Romania, United Kingdom, Slovenia and Hungary familiarized with European Civil Protection Mechanism and its module system, Mechanism partners / international actors, emergency environment, early warning systems, Civil Protection in the States of the Region, host nation support, international deployment, humanitarian and cultural awareness issues. 


Course Evaluation Report