Second PPRD East Programme Steering Committee Meeting

The 2nd meeting of the Steering Committee, the decision-making body of the PPRD East Programme, was organized on February 21, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. The main aim of the meeting was to report on the achievements accomplished since the previous Steering Committee meeting (June 2011) and to approve the Programme’s work plan for the January 2013 – June 2014. In addition, participating Member States and international organizations were provided with the opportunity to propose modalities of their support to and involvement in the realization of the Programme.


The day before the Steering Committee, on Fabruary 20th, the  PPRD East Programme National Coordinators  meeting took place in Brussels  where the review of a draft future action plan was presented.

 In total, 42 people attended the meeting, representing the EC, all six Partner Countries, seven Member States and two international organizations. The meeting was opened by Mr. Philip Mikos, Head of Unit, Mr. Jesús Laviña, Head of Sector from the EuropeAid Cooperation Office and Mr. Hans Das, Head of Unit from the Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Directorate of the European Commission.

EC representatives pointed out that the PPRD East is one of the Flagship Initiatives of the Eastern Partnership, and as such a very important Programme. In addition, the civil protection/disaster management area has been proposed to be kept as one of the Flagship Initiatives for the next programming phase (2014 – 2017). Therefore, PPRD East Programme should not be perceived only as a technical assistance Programme, but as a cooperation programme, both between the Partner Countries and between the Partner Countries and the EU

– European Commission and the Member States.

 Representatives of all six Partner Countries confirmed their full commitment and support to the Programme. They confirmed that there had been challenges in the implementation of agreed activities related to sharing of national data, regulations and policies. All six Partner Countries have endorsed/accepted the proposed draft work plan, with the additional request to include a study tour to the EU MIC/European Emergency Response Centre.

Member States (Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden) were pleased with the results achieved by the Programme so far. They confirmed their interest in supporting the Programme implementation but expressed also concerns regarding the sustainability of the Programme results, especially with regard to the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas.

NATO EADRCC and UNISDR Regional Office for Europe have expressed gratitude for being invited to the Steering Committee meeting and offered their support for the Programme implementation.


 All participants recognize that endorsed Work Plan for the January 2013 – June 2014 is ambitious but feasible. If all stakeholders (EC, Partner Countries, Member States, international organizations and PPRD East Programme Team) work together and with mutual understanding, applying proactive approach, the PPRD Programme results will be achieved!




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