SEVESO Directives Capacity Building

The main objectives of SEVESO workshops were to familiarise disaster risk management professionals with the Control of the Major Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH) under the scope of SEVESO Directives, to illustrate the administrative and operational requirements of the Directive as well as to point out the challenges for a possible legislative approximation.


The SEVESO II Directive Capacity Building and Introduction to SEVESO III Directive has started with the first Regional Workshop, which was held on April 22-24, 2013 in Moldova with participation of 14 participants from all 6 Partner Countries and the EC.


As a continuation, two Sub-regional workshops on SEVESO Directives have been organised, the first one in Ukraine on September, 2013 with the participation of representatives from Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine, and the second one in Belarus on December, 2013 with the participation of representatives from Azerbaijan, Belarus and Moldova.


The Exchange of Experts on control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances (SEVESO Directives) held in Brasov, Romania on 28th of April–1st of May 2014 was the fourth and final event in the framework of the SEVESO Capacity building Programme within the PPRD East Programme. The issues presented during the 4 days of training, covered the way the SEVESO Directives requirements are implemented in Romania, focusing on practical examples which included 2 site visits in Brasov county: one at an American chemicals manufacturer of ions exchange resins,  the safety report was checked and the Internal Emergency Plan(IEP) tested; the second one at a German  manufacturer of parts and accessories for the automobile industry, the External Emergency Plan (EEP) was tested and a common inspection of the local competent authorities inspection team (Emergency Inspectorate, Environmental Agency, Commissariat of National Guard) was simulated.