Belarus Met the Start-up Event of the PPRD East Programme Information Campaign

On February 20, 2014 the Campaign on raising public awareness on prevention, preparedness and response to natural and man-made disasters started in Belarus. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of the public about civil protection, disaster management and disaster risk reduction, with particular emphasis on improving the culture of individual behaviour and citizens' participation in prevention, preparedness and disaster response. The organizers also seek to attract attention of national and local media to methods of reducing risks through cooperation of citizens with rescue services before, during and after disasters.


The event started in High School # 36 of Minsk. The representatives of the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergencies, Advocacy Centre of MES, PPRD East Programme team accompanied by Belarus 1 national channel journalists visited the lesson of life safety and school-teams’ performance dedicated to the prevention of electricity-related accidents.


Mr. Vladimir Kuznietsov, Key Communication Expert of PPRD East Programme, presented to children the PPRD informational materials, including Family Guide for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Fire Safety poster and video, and said: "If as a result of our work we save one life of at least one child then our mission is successful. One of the main objectives of our Programme is to learn what to do at first, as not to get lost, do not panic and respond properly".

In the course of event during the round table Mr. Sergej Anagnosti, PPRD East Team Leader, Mr.Vitaly Novitsky, Assistant to the Minister of Emergencies of Belarus, Igor Varava, Head of the Advocacy Center and his Deputy Sergei Babakov, Vladimir Kuznietsov , key journalists of television and print media, the PPRD East experts met together.

After the welcoming speech of Sergei Anagnosti, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Dmitry Khilchenko, Non-Key PPRD East Communication Expert made ​their ​presentations.

Vladimir Kuznietsov described the objectives and tools of the PPRD East Information campaign as well as the main objectives and achievements of the PPRD East Programme as a whole. He also presented the PPRD East information package to discuss.

Dmitry Khilchenko demonstrated the effective ways to attract public interest to understanding of “behaviour-based safety” using the examples of modern visual and interactive approaches.

The participants appreciated the PPRD East information package and shared the experience of preventive information companies in Belarus.

Additionally the participants discussed ways of further development of the Network of journalists covering the emergencies; such Network was created by the PPRD East Programme.



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