PPRD East Information Campaign in Georgia Started

On February 14, 2014 the Campaign on raising public awareness on the prevention, preparedness and response to natural and man-made disasters started in Georgia. Mrs. Ketevan Khutsishvili, Representative of the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, Mr. Nodar Kutibashvili, Deputy Head of the EMD of MIA, Mr. Archil Nizharadze, Head of Special and Emergency Measures Center, EMD of MIA and Mr. Giorgi Charkviany, PPRD East Programme National Coordinator in Georgia visited the PPRD East Start-up event of the Campaign.


The distinguished guests as well as the representatives of the Emergency Management Department of MIA, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, international organizations, principals, schoolchildren, Press-service of MIA, journalists, altogether up to 40 persons, familiarized with PPRD East Information materials package and discussed the best ways of providing the information on Civil Protection, Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction issues to various vulnerable groups.


The Event was opened by Mrs. Ketevan Khutsishvili, Delegation of the European Union to Georgia:

- European Union pays special attention to the issue of preparedness and liquidation of the disaster impact and sees its task in minimizing the number of affected people. It is directly related to protection of human rights in general. I am sure that the development of relations and cooperation of EaP countries and EU will help us to reach the set goals


Mr. Nodar Kutibashvili, Deputy Head of the Emergency Management Department of MIA, demonstrated the attendees the courses of cooperation of the Department with the PPRD East Programme and told about the accomplished joint projects in Georgia.


Mr. Volodymyr Kuznietsov, Key Communication Expert, in his presentation «Public awareness new creative solutions and tools, new information technologies» described the goals and instruments of PPRD East Informational Campaign. During the presentation PPRD East informational materials package was presented including Family Guide for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Fire Safety poster and video, Family Emergency Plan. He told in details about areas of implementation of the PPRD East Communication strategy and maid the strong emphasis on the active participation of the representatives of national media. The main goals and achievements of PPRD East Programme were also represented in the presentation.


In his presentation Dmytro Khilchenko, PPRD East Senior Non-key Communication Expert, on examples of modern visual and interactive approaches demonstrated the effective ways to attract public interest to understanding of “behavior-based safety”.


A vivid discussion of presented materials took place after the presentations including the matter of their consistency with audience’s expectations. The materials developed for the schoolchildren were high-graded by the representatives of Education system of Georgia, as well as by Ministry officers and school and pre-school principals. 


About 20 schoolchildren from local middle school together with their teacher joined the event. The kids tested the Fire Safety Poster with great pleasure. They showed fundamental understanding of safe behavior. In particular discussing the topic they said:

-          Fear and Confusion – two feelings that appear during emergency situation with adults as well as with kids, but we have to overcome them and behave accordingly.

-          Such videos should be definitely shown on television, so that people make fewer mistakes.




Event report


News (in Georgian) and video on MIA web-page: http://www.police.ge/en/shss-s-sagangebo-situatsiebis-martvis-departamentis-tsarmomadgenlebi-aghmosavlet-evropis-partniorobis-programis-shemadjamebel-prezentatsias-daestsrnen/6180


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