The Third Cycle of the NAG Meetings in the Partner Countries is Completed

In April 2014 the 5 Partner Countries met the cycle of National/Country Advisory Group meetings (April, 7 CAG in Georgia, April 9 – NAG in Armenia, April 11 – NAG in Azerbaijan, April 14 – NAG Moldova, April 16 – NAG Belarus). The Ukrainian NAG was conducted on 30th of May. The EU founded Programme on Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Man-made and Natural Disasters in the ENPI East Region (PPRD East) presented results of its 3.5 years of implementation.


Development of the Electronic Regional and National Risk Atlases, increasing theoretical and practical knowledge on European Civil Protection Mechanism, Flood Directive, SEVESO Directives, enhancing of practical skills through Table Top Exercises, developing recommendations on improving legislative and institutional civil protection and disaster management frameworks, national public awareness campaigns implementation – that is just a part of the list of the PPRD East Programme achievements.


Representatives of the key beneficiaries as well as NAG members from other governmental institutions and agencies involved in the civil protection and disaster risk management, representatives of scientific and donor communities, NGOs, and the PPRD East Expert Team discussed the results of PPRD East Programme and formulated recommendations for the PPRD East Phase II.



April 7, Georgia

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April 9, Armenia


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April 11, Azerbaijan


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April 14, Moldova


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April 16, Belarus


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May 30, Ukraine



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