Training on Tailing Management Facilities

On May 13-15, 2014, the representatives from Georgia joined their colleagues from Ukraine and participated together in the First Tailings Management Facilities workshop organised within the German-Ukrainian Project “Improving the Safety of Tailing Management Facilities for Ukraine” (TFM). The EU-funded PPRD East Programme provided this opportunity for the Partner Countries in the frame of Assistance to Government Environmental Emergency Projects component.


The opportunity for PPRD East Partner Countries to participate in the German-Ukrainian TFM Project has been confirmed in direct communication with the representative of the German Environmental Agency, who participated and represented the Project at the 2nd NAG Ukraine meeting. Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia have expressed their official interest to participate; however due to the situation in Ukraine only representatives from Georgia participated.


The German-Ukrainian TMF Project started in August 2013. Firstly the investigation of the degree of implementation of legislation and administration of UNECE TMF Guidelines in Ukraine was conducted. Then, the plan was to undertake the analysis of safety specific technical provisions at concrete TMF (2 sites) using the previously developed draft Checklist.


On May 13-15, 2014 the field training and field test took place in Lviv, Ukraine aimed at the site testing of practicability of the draft Checklist by Ukrainian regional inspectors, facility owners, inspectors from the PPRD East Programme - Georgia and international experts. The results of inspections will be used for Training of Inspectors and Operators with an aim to improve the safety of TMF.


Representatives from both participating countries – Ukraine and Georgia - got very important homework - to start their own national investigation of degree of implementation of UNECE Guidelines in legislation and administration as well as to establish TMF Working group in each country so that the country can start implementing a tool kit involving its own trained national experts.